Welcome to Colorado Counseling

Welcome. My name is Dan Joseph Cavicchio, and I'm the founder of Colorado Counseling, LLC. I practice cognitive therapy, which is an active, results-oriented type of therapy. I also offer career counseling and other services related to therapy.

All of my work is provided on a sliding-scale fee basis in Boulder and Denver. My goal is to make counseling and psychotherapy widely available.

If you would like help with stress and anxiety reduction, improvement of depressed mood, career development efforts, or the enhancement of relationships, you might find cognitive-behavioral therapy to be valuable. In addition to working on these areas, I also enjoy supporting people with philosophical and spiritual issues.

Please feel free to explore the resources on this site and contact me with any questions you may have.

How Therapy Can Help

Cognitive therapy and other forms of counseling can help to resolve relationship conflicts, manage stress and anxiety, reach career and personal goals, and improve depression.

Counseling services

Self-help Resources

As a cognitive therapist, I help my clients to "fill up their toolboxes" with strategies to improve their lives. In this section, I have featured some of the many resources that we use in therapy.

Self-help resources